Amouranth Blasting Twitter For "Censorship" Changes

Twitter just changed their privacy and display settings, and it seems that Amouranth isn't all too happy about that.

Amouranth slams Twitter
Guess this is too sexy for Twitter. Sorry Amouranth. | © Twitch/Amouranth

When it comes to freedom of skin uhm, I mean speech, Americans really don't joke around. This time, Amouranth called out Twitter for censorship due to changes to their display and privacy settings.

Amouranth is well known for using her physical attributes to her advantage. She is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch, found great success on OnlyFans, and all that with a foolproof formula she scientifically created herself. Boobs. I don't mean scientifically created, like with implants, but maybe...

We managed to ask her some questions about her success:

Anyway, it is well-known that Amouranth's content is rather 18+ and now Twitter has taken measures, to limit the visibility of such content on their platform. This in return prompted Amouranth to call Twitter out for "censoring" her.

Her argument:

At first, I thought that's kinda bullsh*t, but to be fair, that box I had to check was surprisingly hard to find. Granted, I don't often navigate Twitter, but still it does make content like this way harder to find.

Twitter Censorship
So if ou wanna see booba, you gotta check that box | © Twitter

I guess you could argue, that this is censorship, but come on, it's their platform, and they can decide what they want to be featured on there. If they don't want nudity, gore and other 18+ stuff on there, it is their decision.

You could even argue that Twitch is doing censorship, by banning streamers that have a nip-slip or bang live on stream, even though there is some controversy on how it's handled. I would argue, that the majority of people wouldn't want Twitch to tolerate such behavior. A lot of female streamers spoke up against too sexual streams.

So at the end of the day, it may be censorship, but it just doesn't even matter. This is not repression, Twitter is just enforcing the image they want to have and that doesn't include adult content on their website. I mean, they even leave the option of whether they want adult content or not to the user themselves.

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