Pokimane Taking Twitch Break For Mental Health

Pokimane shocks fans with her recent Twitter post: She will not be streaming on Twitch for a mental reset. How long will she be gone? We don't know!

Pokimane taking a break from streaming | © Twitch/Pokimane

Pokimane, one of the most famous people on Twitch, recently announced that she is taking a break from streaming. The 26-year-old made the announcement following her appearance at TwitchCon EU in Amsterdam. As for the reasons, Pokimane made a post on Twitter, explaining why she needed time off.

Pokimane: Suffering From Success

Since Pokimane started streaming in 2012, about ten years have passed. With her cheerful and easy-going attitude, she quickly grew to become one of the most successful streamers, certainly female streamers, on the platform.

But it seems with so much success comes great responsibility, or something like that, as she faces a lot of hate and even more sexual harassment, I mean like, a lot of sexual harassment. She previously had to take time off, as she felt burnt out and needed a break from streaming. This happened again!

What Happened & Will Pokimane Come Back?

In her Tweet, she explained that streaming so much with barely any breaks has put a mental strain on her. Well, no shit! I would be stressed out as well, having 10,000 plus viewers watch and sexualize my every move for multiple hours a day without a break. Due to this, she wants to take some time off to focus on herself and her life offline.

As it stands, she is planning to take a little break, get her head back into gear, then come back refreshed and good as new. Good news, my dear Pokimane simps, your queen will be back for lighter entertainment and uncomfortable comments in her chat.

Being a content creator seems to go hand in hand with a huge amount of stress and pressure by the public. If you ever posted a slightly controversial topic on Twitter, I guess you know what I mean.

Therefore, you go girl! Take some time off, decompress, have a good time and see you soon.