What Is Pokimane's Net Worth?

Pokimane is one of Twitch's top earners, and it's no secret that she makes a lot of money. But what exactly is Pokimane's net worth? We have the answer.

Pokimane net worth
How much money does Pokimane earn? | © Pokimane via Instagram

Well, determining Pokimane's net worth is a matter of calculation, since it's easy enough to get the facts on some of the figures she's earning. So let's start by doing just that – adding up numbers:

  • Pokimane has 8 million followers on Twitch
  • She has 8 million subscribers over all her YouTube channels
  • She makes 70% of her money from Twitch subs
  • A Tier 1 Twitch sub earns her $3.50
  • Twitch streamers average about $2 per 1000 viewers

If you put two and two together and consider the fact that Pokimane has her donations capped at $5, you arrive at a staggering number.

Pokimane's Net Worth Is Over $2 Million

Yup, that's right. Little Pokimane is sitting pretty on a couple milli, with a net worth of over $2 million dollars. This also goes hand in hand with numbers that appeared online after Twitch's top earners' pay was revealed:

The same leak also revealed that Pokimane earned $40k in September 2021, which, if you add it up, suggests that Pokimane earned close $500k in 2021 alone. Of course, it is important to note that those numbers are gross values, and do not include donations, nor external revenue.

All in all, it is clear that Pokimane is not strapped for cash, and we're certain that COVID helped her rise in the income bracket, due to most people being confined to the digital realm for social activities. Of course, Pokimane is not the only influencer making a pretty penny: PewDiePie's net worth might just shock you, and Jake Paul is also raking in cash by the boatloads.