xQc's Net Worth | How Much Does The Biggest Streamer On Twitch Earn

When it comes to the biggest streamers on Twitch, xQc gotta be the first name you drop. Ever since Ninja left for Mixxer, he filled that gap and grew like crazy. But how much money does the biggest streamer on Twitch earn? Here is xQc's Net Worth.

Before and after you get the Juice | © xQc

Known as "xQc" or "xQcOW", Canadian streamer Felix Lengyel, started out as a professional Overwatch player, known for his eccentric and humorous behavior. Pretty much all esports athletes stream on the side, but after he quit being an Overwatch pro, he turned streaming into his full time profession. Guess people like watching somebody rage at video games, because he quickly gained followers, quickly becoming one of the biggest streamers on Twitch. But how much is making from streaming?

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xQc's Net Worth

To assess his net worth, first of, we should know how much money El Goblino is making. He averages around 70,000 viewers on his Twitch streams, which would earn him about $300,000 a month. So Twitch alone makes him about $3.6 million a year! I would love to make that kind of money by playing video games. I just get yelled at by my parents...

Here are some older streamer scandals, that are still kinda fire (xQc is in there, too):

In addition, we have to consider his pretty big YouTube channel, which has about 2.15 million subscribers. This is probably making him approximately $1.5 million a year. So by combining his revenue from Twitch and YouTube, this dude makes about $5 million a year! And he streams on a freaking kitchen chair! I can't even imagine the back pain this dude must have, streaming 12+ hours a day on a wooden chair like that... Get yourself a gaming chair bro, you're a millionaire.

So when we factor in his yearly income of about $5 million, with all of his other assets (including a goddamn Tesla even though the dude doesn't drive) and various sponsorships, we can reach an estimated total net worth. Long story short, this dude is earning serious money! His gambling sponsorships alone, could pay for a mansion.

His net worth, after tax, is at least $9 million, but f*ck that I think it's closer to $10 million. It's just that it's hard to track where all the revenue is coming from, but we think $10 million is a conservative estimate. So I guess, he can afford to lose a couple million dollars gambling.

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