Amouranth Just Broke Another Record

Amouranth has always been a businesswoman. Now the female streamer proves just how good she is at what she does.

Amouranth's success knows no limits | © Twitch/Amouranth

When it comes to viewers, Amouranth was always able to rack in the numbers. Even when sleeping, thousands of people were watching her live at all times.

This consistency, her ability to create new trends as well as her businesswoman mindset helped Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa, accomplish something none deemed possible, to dethrone Pokimane

The Birth Of A New Queen

All hail the new Queen of female streamers, Amouranth! As the only woman in the top 100 streamers across both Twitch and YouTube, she was ranked 56th in the second quarter of 2022.

Between April and June, people had watched her streams for 8.2 million hours, double the amount of the next most watched female streamer, Pokimane. Pokimane had "only" 4.5 million hours watched, followed by the VTuber Miko Ch., also at 4.5 million. It seems people on Twitch watch women mostly for their "personality"... the bigger it is and the more you can see it, the better. Amouranth just continues farming W's left and right.

Pokimane Amouranth Most Watched Streamer Data
Amouranth having double the watch time of Pokimane | © StreamHatchet

The follow-ups for most viewed female streamer Pokimane and Miko Ch. have not made it into this top 100 list, which just shows the discrepancy in watch time between male and female steamers.

Don't fret, though, the gap has narrowed considerably and the number of leading female streamers is growing. If things continue like this, their leader, Amouranth, might just break into the top 10.

You don't have to though, cause VTubers, most of which are female, are also quickly gaining popularity. There are many ways to the top, and you don't have to go by "sex sells" or anything you're uncomfortable with.

But what Amouranth is doing seems to be working quite well. So all hail the queen, as she is coming for your favorite streamers at the top to dethrone them!