Sexy To Be Successful? Amouranth Says No!

What's the deal with Amouranth, what has this wise lady got to say?

Do female streamers need to be successful? No, they don't. | © Amouranth via Twitch

Here we are again, folks. Amouranth has said something and like lambs to the slaughter, we have flocked in to give her a listen. A modern day guru, Amouranth is basically Ghandi. Just as the Salt Marches lumbered on all those many years ago, we will continue upon our quest, whether it is good for us or not, to discover whether female streamers need to be sexy to be successful.

What did she say today? Female streamers don't need to be "hot" to be successful. Whilst a statement like this instantly elicits that classic Homer Simpson response (a-durr), it's also to be followed up with a groan so audible that even a crow on the roof of a Pompeiian apartment block would be startled as its city gets buried in the rubble of yet another volcanic explosion: "Why did Amouranth need to make this plea, have those internet vultures been at it again?"

Surely statements like "female streamers don't need to be hot" should go without saying, but apparently not. Anyway, you didn't come to read about the fall of Pompeii or Ghandi, did you (you little rascal)? No, instead you came to hear what Amouranth had to say about female streamers. So let's get on with it.

Amouranth has been blasting more than water canons over the last few weeks, no, instead, she is blasting her fans. What about, you may ask? Well, it may be in the title of this article, but we're going to break it down for you...

No, Female Streamers Don't Need to be Sexy

Amouranth is a firm believer that Twitch Streamers do not need to be sexy to be successful. In a short-lived Twitter rant, her warrior fingers puffed out a few thoughts that were actually rather true. Here's the tweet:

Amouranth herself lashed out against the seemingly "who the fork cares" opinions of nameless internet trolls by calling them "blissfully ignorant takes" and claiming that judging a female streamers' success shouldn't be based off their looks. That's a fair enough point, and true, but do we really need to be feeding the trolls more attention?

It is probably the reality of a streamer such as herself that her self-imposed bubble would draw relevancy to the claims of random people. We agree with her, though, women don't necessarily need to be "hot" and sexualized to be successful at streaming. You can't necessarily deny the trend, however, that this is often the case.

It's nice to see Amouranth to take a break from her usual Hot Tub metaing and OnlyFans buffoonery to try and spread a bit of positivity in the world. To be fair, though, she's already spreading quite a bit of happiness, so it probably wasn't really necessary... if you know what I mean?