Amouranth Sends A Random $2 Million By Mistake

A simple typo caused Amouranth to send $2 million to a stranger's bank account. But can she get her money back? And will the random get to keep the cash?

Amouranth Lost money
Where could it all have gone thought Amouranth... | © Amouranth's Twitter / Oriol Soler Vilallonga

Imagine checking your bank account's app, expecting to see this month's wages, and instead discovering that you had over $2,000,000. You could pay off all your debts,buy whatever you needed, and travel wherever you wanted. It would be an incredible feeling. But then, looking to see who sent you the money, you notice that it's been sent from non-other than your favorite steamer Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa. At this point, you would probably lose consciousness.

That just happened to one very lucky soul. But will the random get to keep the money, or will they have to give it back?

The Typo That Changed Someone's Life

Amouranth recently tried to deposit a $2 million check into her bank account, but the clerk transcribing the check made a typo and send the money to a random bank account. Here's how Amouranth shared the news on social media:

What a life-changing event this must have been. There's a slight chance that it was sent to someone who is, like Amouranth, enormously wealthy. But it's more likely that it was sent to someone in far greater need of $2 million than the world's most successful female Twitch streamer.

So will they get to keep the money? We know Amaranth is obviously getting repaid, but is it coming out of the bank's pocket for making a mistake, or is the money being taken from the guy that got lucky? Unfortunately, the individual who got the $2 million will have to pay it back. As the NCC make clear: "The only time you can keep money that is deposited into your account is when the deposit was intended to be made into your account. So, if the deposit was a mistake, you can't keep the money."

Life is unfair.