Amouranth Demands More Clarity

Amouranth has demanded Twitch to explain the reasons for banning streamers and to take accountability.

Amouranth and Twitch
Amouranth is demanding Twitch to be more transparent! | © Twitch/Amouranth via Twitter

It’s time to talk about our favorite Twitch streamer once more. Of course, we’re going to be talking about Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa, but instead of drama, we believe she’s in the right for once.

Yes, this isn’t a drama post, Amouranth hasn’t caused another scandal by moaning into a microphone while wearing yoga pants, instead, the young streamer is asking for more clarity from Twitch.

Amouranth Wants Streamers to Know Reason for Bans

Amouranth is no stranger to getting suspended from Twitch and has since explained that the current system is cowardly and leaves the Amazon-owned streaming company without ever taking any accountability.

What exactly do we mean by this? Well, to date, will tell a banned streamer the date and time of the stream that got banned… but not the full reason as to why exactly the company took these drastic measures.

Now, with our favorite streamers like Pokimane getting suspended in recent times for obvious reasons, it’s not hard to guess, but others don't have the luxury of getting taken off-air thanks to a DMCA violation.

Why Does Telling Streamers The Reason for Their Ban Matter?

Amouranth has explained that she has taken days to try and figure out why she was banned from the platform. By not telling the streamers where they went wrong, it doesn’t give them a chance to change their behavior in future streams.

If a streamer knows what they did or said to get banned, then it is much easier for them to change that aspect of their stream in the future and thus won’t be banned a second time again.

So, hopefully, Twitch will better their behavior, especially after saying they would be more transparent with the content creators that keep their website afloat. If even Amouranth leaves, then who else is left to keep Twitch alive?