Pokimane Starts Talent Management Company

Pokimane - the queen of streaming - has just started a company to manage talent in the industry. Is this just more self-marketing or a genuinely viable company?
Pokimane RTS
The one and only. | © RTS

Pokimane is in the headlines every five minutes, I mean it's to be expected when you're one of the biggest streamers in the world. One day she might be putting down a simp, on another she might be roasting Valkyrae's Skincare Brand, either way - the world's got to hear about it. She's clearly mastered the art of being a streamer. And now she wants to share that knowledge with the world; say hello to RTS.

What Is Pokimane's New RTS Company?

RTS is a talent management company that looks to get branding deals and such for its content creators. It's nothing new, but Pokimane being attached to the company will be huge for their launch:

It can be difficult to work out exactly what they do, there's a lot of talk of "bridging gaps" between X and Y but very little tangible evidence of work they've produced. That's not to say it's a sham, far from it. But it's difficult to imagine them becoming a huge brand, despite this launch. More than anything, they seem to be a secretarial service for streamers. Many of whom, let's face it, are children with webcams, and have no corporate experience.

It's great to see Pokimane thinking about the wider industry and talent like hers. She often gets a lot of undeserved grief about "being famous for nothing" so hopefully she can prove she has some business acumen here. If not, then fair enough, at least she tried. And let's not forget she's already done more than "nothing" to get where she is:

How Do You Sign Up With RTS?

At the moment this is more of a "we'll contact you" kind of affair, and that's probably wise; god knows how many people would apply just to get near her. But if you are a decently sized streamer already, who knows, maybe RTS is in your future?

Whether this is just a very speculative startup, shameless self-promotion, or a company with genuine value, is yet to be seen. But we wish her all the best - good luck Pokimane.