Pokimane Roasts Valkyrae's Skincare Brand

Beef between streamers: Valkyrae created a skincare product – which got massive backlash. Now Pokimane commented on Valkyrae's brand RFLCT.
Pokimane Valkyrae RFLCT
Beef between Valkyrae and Pokimane | © pokimane/100 Thieves/dexerto.com

Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter created a new skincare product that seems perfect for her audience – and pretty much for everybody of us poor internet addicted souls. The goal of her brand RFLCT is to protect gamers from blue-light, that is emitted from every device and screen you can think of.

The problem is: lack of evidence for the actual effect of her skincare line. Is the product just a scam to make money and actually useless – is it not able to protect our pure and nice looking faces?

Pokimane On RFLCT: "Use Sunscreen"

Pokimane not only got rid of her cute attidue, the streamer also was pretty clear on her thoughts of the blue-light-saving-skincare. If you create a product and sell it, you need to "do a lot of research" beforehand. Maybe people should just "use sunscreen" instead of spending money on a skincare – especially if the actual effect is questionable.

We all want to enjoy our games and trailers in protection of course, but maybe, streamers are not the best persons to trust with marketing. "We really have to be held accountable and do our due diligence before promoting anything", Pokimane said. Shots fired!

As Valkyrae's former housemate this gets another spin as well. Is Pokimane just lashing out on a former roommate? The twitch star stated that she's in a tough position to comment on RFLCT, but she also made clear, that she (and every other streamer) has an obligation to be "pretty honest" to fans and followers.

If the skincare line is just a scam, she might bring down Valkyrae's brand new product. And the beef has just begun.

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