Pokimane Got a Tattoo! Dropping the Cute Act?

Pokimane has revealed her new tattoo, signaling the transition into a new phase for the brand - it's out with the girly girl and in with the rebel!
Pokimane Tattoo
Many are still unsure whether this is a transfer or permanent tattoo, hmm... | © Pokimane's Twitter

Pokimane. What does that one word bring to mind? Usually, we would associate the name with an excessive, almost sickly sweet, form of cuteness. But the message is becoming stagnant, and the marketing team behind the Pokimane brand has realized.

It seems like they're going to develop the character of Pokimane more over the coming months and introduce a grittier, more mature side to her – and what better way for rebels to declare their maturity than with a tattoo?

Pokimane's Tattoo

Okay, first things first, here's the tattoo in question, as posted by Pokimane herself to Twitter:

While yes, it is a tattoo, she's played it fairly safe with something artistic, attractive, relatively small, and in a location that she can easily cover. But that's not to diminish what must have felt like an empowering act for the young starlet.

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How Have Fans Responded?

Fans have responded positively, with the general consensus being that this reveals a naughtier side to the otherwise cute Pokimane brand. In the immediate comments to her Tweet, the excitement was palpable:

Im crying. Im literally crying so much. You are so beautiful I can’t stop crying.

- @qcures

My queen you look radiant as ever please allow me to be the floor beneath your foot so that I may feel when you step on me

- @Crunions_

dear pokimane, I would sell my whole setup just for the chance for you to acknowledge my name in your twitch stream, i will donate anything just to fund and support your amazing stream.


Even for Pokimane, this is quite the reaction; it seems like fans are ready to embrace the change.

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