Another Disaster For Twitch - Indiefoxx Goes To YouTube After 6th Ban

This is the second bad day in a row for Twitch, but if YouTube Gaming are going to be more tolerant of her content then why not, it's probably a better match for Indiefoxx.
Indifoxx Moves To You Tube
YouTube could make Indiefoxx bank. | © Indiefoxx's Twitter

Indiefoxx has decided that enough is enough after her 6th ban from Twitch for lewd or indecent behavior. She knows what kind of content she produces, she's got a ton of paying customers, and she doesn't want to be stifled by Twitch. If she does stay on the platform, they'll only keep banning her anyway. So instead, she's making the move to YouTube Gaming. Fair play to the girl, honestly.

When Is Indiefoxx's Comeback YouTube Stream?

Indiefoxx will be streaming via her YouTube Gaming channel on Saturday, October 9, from 12:00 PST (15:00 ET, 20:00 BST, 21:00 CEST).

She had somewhat faded into obscurity after her sixth ban from Twitch this summer. But then, out of the blue, she shared this video with her fans on Twitter:

Yep, YouTube has pinched another huge star for their streaming service. It's yet to be seen just how lewd they'll allow her to be, but it's pretty obvious they're inviting the controversy with moves like this.

Still, got a few moments left to browse? Of course, you do - and here's some more entertainment for your viewing pleasure:

The Future Of Twitch

This kind of story has become all too common. In almost every community on Twitch, more and more big names are making the great exodus to YouTube Gaming. Twitch as a brand may be unsalvageable, but a recent leak (the one that also revealed every streamer's monthly income) suggested that Amazon - the owners of Twitch - were going to slowly replace Twitch with a rival service they were still developing.

Stay tuned, more disasters for Twitch should be expected in the coming days and weeks.

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