TimTheTatman Has Officially Left Twitch For YouTube

Timthetatman leaves Twitch for Youtube
Good guy YouTube is starting to make a serious play for Twitch's audience | © YouTube & NY Times

TimTheTatman, one of the biggest streamers on Twitch's platform, revealed in a Tweet just moments ago his plans to leave Twitch for YouTube Gaming. The exclusivity deal will surely have seen YouTube offer TimTheTatman a hefty price, but we think he'll be worth every cent.

Twitch has been struggling for good PR recently and things are set to get worse. Streamers now appear to be leaving in their droves as YouTube moves in for the killing strike. And while Youtube Gaming might have had an underwhelming start, it looks increasingly like it could be the future thanks to exclusivity deals like this one.

Luckily for TimTheTatman's viewers, the streamer has absolutely no plans to slow down. You can expect just as much content as before, and in fact, you might even see YouTube begin funding stunts or events for TimTheTatman to persuade other Twitch streamers and users that the grass is greener.

Why Has TimTheTatman Left Twitch For YouTube?

Well let's show you how the good man himself revealed to his audience that he was leaving Twitch, he posted this Tweet:

You can see TimTheTatman reflect on his past jobs and excited for the future at YouTube Gaming. And we're happy for this legend, especially as Warzone fans in the past couple of years.

To be less positive for a moment, TimTheTatman said he felt the guys at YouTube were just more 'hungry' than Twitch, which has certainly felt stale at the platform level for some time. That's not to mention how many streamers have spoken out against the terrible pay they get from Twitch compared to other platforms.

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How Has Twitch Responded?

Twitch has not yet made a public announcement. This must come as bitter news to the service who must surely know they're in trouble. And reducing European subscription rates sadly won't be enough to change that - they need to start being more proactive, or more streamers will surely follow in TimTheTatman's footsteps.

We'll keep you updated as this story develops.

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