Pokimane Shuts Down Gross Simp

Pokimane shuts down mean person
You made Pokimane mad you awful human being! | © The SportsRush

Pokimane is one of the biggest female streamers in the world and so, unfortunately, that also means she has a lot of unwanted sexual attention. One simp went too far recently and made her inadvertently read out his explicit message. But she came back swinging!

Pokimane has creeps in her chat all day every day, and usually, they don't get attention. But when they do, it's always great to see her come punching back. You might remember when she shut down this simp recently for an unwanted romantic request. Well, she's back at it again.

Just a few hours ago one of her 'fans' was able to smuggle a super chat message to her, a question, that she read aloud on-air. And let's just say it wasn't the kind of message that you would read and be able to keep gaming after...

The Comment In Question

The below comments were posed to Pokimane as a question, a question that she read out on chat:

Omg Poki, I have a b***r just watching you

To which our young hero nobly replied:

You should get that looked at if you're turned on by someone sitting here playing a video game, fully clothed and making a face because I'm so focused.

And she's probably right. Whoever the person was, they need to go outside and touch some grass.

But seriously, Pokimane must have to deal with this every day, as must every female Twitch streamer. And so with all sincerity, we do hope that Twitch is able to do more to just filter this stuff out.

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Would Pokimane Ever Date A Fan?

Some of you are probably left wondering (and worrying), would Pokimane ever date a Twitch user? If they weren't disgusting like the gentleman above. Well, she clearly teases her fans...

But you don't want to be like this guy...

Luckily, we have some great news for you - Pokimane would date a fan! Or at least she claims she would if the situation was right. So don't give up hope just yet!

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