Amouranth Reveals OF Earnings & Makes Me Question My Existence

Amouranth makes an unbelievably huge amount of money on OnlyFans alone, but what are the figures?

Amouranth net worth
Amouranth is insanely rich. Like, honestly, insanely rich. | © Amouranth / Creative Commons / EarlyGame

Amouranth is huge, she's an institution, and she's clearly beloved by the Twitch staff, who have unbanned her more times than we care to count. It's thanks to Amouranth that ASMR's and Hot-Tub Streams were as big as they were. So how much is this young entrepreneur's net-worth?

Amouranth has revealed, following the announcement that she is leaving OnlyFans, that she has been earning more than 1 Million USD a month from the platform. This isn't as unbelievable as you might think, but what about her other channels? And the products she promotes? And how does she stack up against regular stars and streamers?

Ultimately, though, can we really celebrate that she makes this much money for what she does? Some will say yes, some will say no, but what we will say is: if you care about it, good for you, keep reading this article. If not, why did you click anyway? We're first going to take a look at what she said regarding her current earnings, and then use those numbers to define what we think is her net-worth. Let's dive in...

How Much Does Amouranth Make from OnlyFans?

[Update, July 10, 2022]

So, Amouranth recently gave an update on how much she has made on OnlyFans. Let me tell you, I am this 🤏 close to selling feet pics on this website.

So as you can see, ignoring taxes and all that jazz, Amouranth has made over 27 million USD since she started doing OnlyFans. And yes, she might say it's not about the money, it's about the message, but I don't have 27 million USD on my bank account so... it's definitely about the money.

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Amouranth has confirmed via a Twitter post that she earns $1.4-1.5 Million USD a month from her main OnlyFans alone. That doesn't include sales of merchandise, advertising revenue from free OnlyFans, Twitch, or other broadcasts, or her Patreon earnings.

This means that it can be hard to determine her actual net-worth, because we don't necessarily know her earnings from these other platforms. What we can determine, though, is that she will lose approximately $18 Million USD a year in earnings once she leaves OnlyFans. In the end, though, does she really need any more money?

What's Amouranth's Net-Worth?

We would estimate that Amouranth's net-worth is somewhere between the values of $20-25 Million US Dollars. This would mean that she's worth about 500 times as much as the average net-worth of Americans in her age bracket, which sits at approximately $50,000 USD because averages are a shockingly awful metric for these things (the median actually sits between $25,000-30,000 USD).

So let's break this down for you: we've already established that she earns about $1.5 Million USD a month from OnlyFans, which is her main source of income for now. From Twitch, she has 20,000 active subscribers, and if we're very conservative, then this means about $80,000 a month is coming from Twitch.

Now let's take a look at her other sources of income. Her YouTube channel has about 71,000 daily views on it, so she'll be getting the least amount of income from YouTube, probably in the region of $50,000-60,000. We can also assume that, given her influence, she's paid in the five figures to promote products on her streams, again we'll be conservative and say a mere $12,000 a month from this source, though it could likely be more.

So each month, she's bringing in (on a good month) over a million from OnlyFans, and about 150,000 from other sources. So each year we put her yearly salary at about $19,800,000 USD. This is an extremely conservative estimate, so we have put her value at about $20-25 Million USD.

Amouranth bunny rescue
Did you know that Amouranth recently saved a Bunny on-stream? | © Amouranth

How Wealthy Does This Make Amouranth Compared To Other Influencers?

Amouranth is far and away the most popular and wealthy of the hot-tub streamers, followed by Mia Malkova on about $6 Million USD, and Indiefoxxx on just over 1 Million USD each year. This also means that she actually sits around the same as the likes of Ninja ($25 Million USD) and Jake Paul ($19 Million USD), though with her leaving OnlyFans very soon, we can expect things to change pretty dramatically.

Honestly, it's easy to get depressed seeing people make this kind of money for doing literally nothing of value, but good for her. If you can earn that kind of money from home, literally just sitting in front of a camera, why the hell wouldn't you? It also seems that Amouranth is making a career shift to something in production and legacy media. We'll see what comes of that, but we think that'll she'll probably become super successful at this as well.