Attempted $1 Million Robbery on Amouranth

Hackers found a way into Amouranth's OnlyFans account and almost stole $1 Million from the Twitch streamer.

Amouranth robbery onlyfans
Still rich, though. | © Amouranth, Twitch

Kids... don't leave money lying around on your OnlyFans. You know... if you have an OnlyFans, in which case we need to be having a whole different conversation on what you should or shouldn't do anyway. Seriously though: Amouranth had a breezy $1 Million in idle cash on her OnlyFans account and almost had it stolen from her.

Amouranth Almost Gets Robbed for $1 Million

Alright, so get this: Amouranth made $33 Million from her OnlyFans alone. Yeah, the lady is balling, especially if you consider that her Twitch earnings come on top of that. With that much dough, you're a viable target to get robbed, and that's exactly what hackers were thinking when they got into her OnlyFans account.

The hackers even managed to bypass Amouranth's two-factor authentification, but ultimately failed to veryify their bank account when they were trying to make the withdrawal. If you're wondering why Amouranth has almost a million dollars just chilling on her account - there's a reason for that too:

Now, I don't know what you're taking away from this story, but I'm thinking two things: Either I need to get into hacking, or I have to start an OnlyFans account...

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