Adriana Chechik Reveals TwitchCon Accident Aftermath In Return Stream

After breaking her back in the foam pit at TwitchCon, we're glad to see that Adriana Chechik is back on her feet, and hopefully will make a full recovery soon. The aftermath of the accident, though, is harsher than even she expected.

Adriana Chechik breaks back
Uff! FeelsBadMan! Adriana Chechik really hurt herself there. | © Twitch/Adriana Chechik

TwitchCon has really been weird this year. We've had people getting stepped on by Amouranth, Megan Thee Stallion twerking on Master Chief, and lots of people getting seriously injured as well.

Foam Pit Destroys Former Adult Star

The culprit, a foam pit, where streamers were supposed to be able to compete against each other for dumb fun, knocking each other off of small platforms in the middle, by using foam coated sticks, Gladiators-style. It works in Fall Guys, why not IRL, right? Problem was, they filled that foam pit with like one layer of foam cubes. That sh*t would not even soften your fall. That's something Adriana had to find out the hard way:

Uff, that looked painful! In the video, (first shared by Clippy Chimp) you can already see, that she got seriously hurt! I guess the people planning this stuff weren't expecting people to dive bomb into the pit, Fortnite style.

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You can faintly hear an announcer say "no no she's fine". Na, Bro, she isn't. How not true that was, became obvious when Adriana tweeted out that she broke her back and needed surgery.

Poor woman. That sounds awful! I hope she will be able to stream again soon. The crazy thing is, Adriana wasn't the only one getting hurt in that pit. That foam pit is a death trap. It was supposed to be dumb fun, but it was so badly executed, that a lot of streamers got seriously hurt, one of them being former porn star turned streamer Adriana Chechik.

I mean, look at all the replies under this Tweet:

People dislocated their knees, broke their ankles, more back pains, it's crazy! This pit was a lawsuit waiting to happen, and Twitch better pay the hospital bills for everyone who got hurt. This pit was like three cubes, deep. Who builds a foam pit that is more shallow than the Kardashian TV show? Someone is probably going to get fired for this, and I guess rightfully so.

Update From Adriana, October 13

Adriana tweeted out that the surgery went well, but there are a few things she can't do anymore ...

This is not the description of injuries, someone gets by falling on their ass! This reads, like she got hit by a freakin truck! Crushed bones, nerve damage, not able to pee, bleeding around the bone. That's just insane. It seems she is taking it in stride, joking around, but I'm absolutely sure she is not fine! That sounds like some lasting damage she received, just because of a god-damn foam pit. We'll see if she is going to sue.

Adriana Chechik Is Slowly Recovering

As of now, it seems Adriana is slowly working on her recovery. On October 14, she posted a video of her walking for the very first time, since her injury. The video really hammers home the gravity of the situation. You can see, how hard it is for her, to simply take a few steps, with a walking aid to boot!

In her tweet, she also mentions how after this, she passed out while brushing her teeth, having to get carried back to bed and has slept all day since. On her Twitter, Adriana regularly posts updates on her current situation, and it seems that she really is slowly recovering. On the other hand, she also mentions the lasting damage due to her injury, that will probably stay with her for a long time, if not forever.

Hopefully she will be able to return to Twitch, soon:

She has completed her second surgery and was able to return to her home. This suggests, that she is no longer in need of immediate medical attention, but some of her descriptions show, that she is still far from recovered. It is sad to see, that for her, simply taking a shower seems to be one of the most ecstatic moments, but we're glad that she is able to at least enjoy that, now.

The women on Twitch have really been suffering the last couple of weeks! Let's hope all of them will recover.

Adriana Chechik Reveals Pregnancy At The Time Of The Accident

During her return stream on October 30, Adriana opened up about the aftermath of the accident.

She explains how she is struggling with simple tasks, as she is out of breath easily. Makes sense, I mean her back was broken, so her lungs must have suffered A LOT, but we're glad to see, that she is now able to move and walk on her own again.

Another streamer who seriously suffered this month is xQc:

During the stream, she showed her viewers the scar left on her back after the surgeries.

It seems as though the surgeons did a great job minimizing the visibility of the scar, by placing the stitches inside. It is still visible, but Adriana seems happy with the result.

The worst thing, though, is that it seems like Adriana was pregnant at the time of the accident. She explained how she didn't know until she was in the hospital and couldn't keep the baby due to the surgery she had to undergo.

This has got to be the most tragic turn of events this accident could have possibly taken. It is truly the darkest timeline for Adriana Chechick. Not only breaking her back, because of a goddamn foam pit, but also losing her child.

Some people on Twitter actually think, she might be faking her pregnancy prior to the accident, but that's just f*cked up. Who would fake that and why?

So far, Adriana didn't open up about the potential lawsuit, but she mentioned how nobody from the venue had even reached out to her.

The woman broke her back in that freaking deathtrap of a foam pit, because they f*cked up, she even lost her child due to this, and they can't even reach out to her and say that they're sorry or anything?! That really pisses me off!

This accident really turned into one of the worst things to come out of October this year: