Streamer Scandals October 2022 : Amouranth, Mizkif & More

October 2022 nearing its end and with this it is time to recap the biggest streamer scandals of the month, and boy are there some biggies among them.

October 2022 had no shortage of streamer scandals. Some were bigger and worse than others, but we're not here to rank how bad something turned out to be. We are here, to inform you on what kind of crazy sh*t went down this October, and boy, we got some seriously messed up stuff on our list.

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So let's get right into this, here is our timeline for October:

Dream Face Reveal (Oct 3)

Okay, I know this wouldn't normally be considered a scandal. But as a matter of fact it turned into one, as right after the popular Minecraft YouTuber did his face reveal live on stream, people started getting #HESUGLY trending on Twitter. There are also a bunch of grooming allegations and more, but that kinda went under the radar, as so far, there is no concrete evidence.

Adriana Chechik Breaks Her back At TwitchCon (Oct 9)

This one was really painful to watch. During TwitchCon, Adriana Chechik, a former pornstar turned streamer, broke her back, by jumping into a foam pit. This foam pit was a freaking deathtrap, injuring people left and right, causing an absolute bloodbath. Sadly Adriana Chechik is still on her way to recovery and will probably have lasting problems due to this injury.

Mizkif Sexual Assault Allegations (Oct 10)

Yes, we know the original scandal happened all the way back in September, with Mizkif allegedly covering up sexual assault for his best friend CrazySlick. After the allegations, Mizkif has been placed on leave by OTK, the gaming organization he is a part of, and took a break from streaming. In October, though, he did a return stream, which was a masterclass in what not to do, like undermining sexual assault repeatedly.

But as if that was not enough, he even got accused of sexual assault himself, undermining his integrity even more and making the claims against him more believable.

Amouranth Reveals Abusive Husband (Oct 16)

This one was by far the worst scandal to come out of October 2022. On October 16, Amouranth revealed to her viewers, that she was married and that her husband was controlling her finances, threatening to kill her dogs, verbally abusing her and more...

Yep, that's some seriously messed up sh*t! Btw. he was the one who insisted on keeping their marriage a secret from viewers and pushed her to make more sexualized content.

As of now, it seems she was able to get back control of her socials and finances, as well as splitting from her husband. She said, that she is getting legal and emotional counselling now, and will start a new chapter in her life and career. I guess, this is the closest we can get to a happy ending... get well soon!

Hans Niemann Chess Lawsuit (Oct 21)

The whole chess drama was pretty funny to be honest. My favorite thing that came out of the "Hans cheated against Magnus Carlsen" scandal, was the vibrating butt plug theory. In short, people argued, that Hans used a vibrating butt plug, to receive information on what would be the best suitable move against Magnus Carlsen.

Guess a butt plug is preferable to this Robot:

There actually is no real evidence, though, that Hans cheated in their match. All we know is that Hans cheated in a bunch of online matches, even some involving prize money, even though he denied such claims.

Now Hans is actually filing a defamation lawsuit against Carlsen and others for $100 million, claiming that the "baseless" allegations destroyed his chess career.

IShowSpeed Leaks Alphonso Davies private number (Oct 24)

Yeah, so this one was actually funny and is not nearly as dramatic as the rest. Why not end this with a funny note, am I right? Anyway, the popular YouTuber IShowSpeed recently facetimed soccer pros during one of his streams, one of them Alphonso Davies, who is playing for FC Bayern. The problem was, during the Call, Davie's number was plainly visible on screen, leading to his phone blowing up with calls, messages and more.

Davie's reaction to this was actually pretty chill, but he still had to get a new phone number. Figures, right? If he needs a new phone as well, this one's rather cheap.

One person we're probably never gonna feature is MrBeast:

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