Adin Ross Is Fed up With Getting Swatted | Might Quit For Good This Time

Popular Twitch-Streamer Adin Ross is fed up with getting swatted all the time. Seems like things have officially gone too far now, as even the personal information of his family got leaked.

Adin Ross Swatted
Can't believe people still do this sh*t | © Adin Ross via YouTube

On November 30, Adin Ross tweeted out, that he got swatted, again. This is the third time within a couple of months, but this time the person behind the incidents has made some racist demands.

During his broadcast from the day before, Adin Ross mentioned that the person behind the SWAT attempts was participating in his chat.

This person allegedly tried to blackmail the streamer, demanding that he stop featuring black people on his channel.

Tell Adin Ross, until you stop having black people on your stream, I’m going to continue to SWAT you.

Adin's respond was a quick and efficient, f*ck you.

Seems like the popular streamer is not going to give in to the demands, which means, sadly, the swatting will probably continue.

There are things he could do, though, like link up with his local police department to stop things from escalating. The best case scenario would probably be if the police managed to track the swatter down, and I'm actually a little confused why that hasn't happened yet.

Adin Ross Might Quit For Good This Time

The very same day, Adin released a video on his YouTube channel, explaining the situation he is in right now.

In the video, he talks about, how things have gone too far and takes responsibility for the situation, calling himself a toxic streamer, allowing his fans to be toxic as well.

During his explanation, he also goes into further detail on what is happening to him. Apparently, even his family's information has been leaked, and the perpetrators are threatening to track down his flight whenever he flies and make fake bomb threats.

The whole thing really has gotten out of hand; the perpetrators are terrorizing him and his family.

Adin looked absolutely exhausted, even begging the people behind the swatting to stop.

Hopefully this will end soon, otherwise this might have some serious consequences on the streamer's mental well-being.

What Does Swatting Mean?

But what is the name for this kind of harassment? The term for this is swatting, and it means calling the cops to someone's location, usually under the pretense of immediate danger. This leads to armed police officers being dispatched to the location, with them expecting a tense situation that might easily escalate.

When Adin Ross got swatted previously in his house, he had armed policemen cuff him and search his house for weapons.

This all happened live on stream, so viewers got the full view of the officer entering the room with their rifles in hand.

This is the headset for people that swat streamers:

I mean, I get it! Especially in the US, where you might just get shot in such a situation.

Think about it, the police arrive, expecting some maniacal drug lord with a gun or something! People actually died from being swatted!

Why Are People Swatting?

Good question, huh? I don't really know, to be honest. It just doesn't make sense if you're not completely out of your mind!

But if I had to guess, it probably is some messed up power play.

Some people really do the most messed up stuff:

The swatter can enjoy watching his "power" take effect as the police squad swats the streamers house.

It's also a pretty big threat! It says: "I know where you are living, and I pretty much don't care about your well-being". Especially big streamers seem to get swatted, or I guess those are the ones where you hear about it, so maybe that is a deciding factor.

If you get caught swatting, you might just end up in jail, which I think is totally deserved.

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As I said, there have even been instances where people died because of swatting, so it is a pretty dangerous and f*cked up thing to do!

So, just don't be a waste of space and air, and don't do stupid crap like that. Very much appreciated, thanks!