Streamer Risks Ban For Very Hot Cosplay

A streamer on Twitch risked getting banned, or seriously injured, by setting their hands on fire for a cosplay.

Cosplay gone wrong (the non sexual way) | © rostislav_999 via Twitch

Cosplayers really go to great lengths when it comes to making their portrayal of a character as accurate as possible. This streamer took it to the extreme though, by literally setting themselves on fire for their cosplay of what looks like the DOTA 2 character Ember Spirit.

Twitch Streamer Lights Themselves On Fire For Risky Cosplay

During his broadcast, Twitch streamer rostislav_999 managed to create the hottest cosplay of all time, when they applied what appears to be lighter fluid onto their gloves and then lit them on fire. It seems like they didn't properly think this through, though.

After lighting their hands on fire, rostislav tries to grab the sword props, but quickly drops them and runs out of the frame. This Edward Scissorhands looking dude didn't even use appropriate gloves!

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The streamer might have seriously hurt their hands during the process, which could prompt a ban, as Twitch's guidelines "prohibit activity that may endanger your life, lead to your physical harm, or encourage others to engage in physically harmful behavior.“

Guess they should have put the effort in or maybe just think things through, because there is a reason why stuntman use fireproof equipment when they light themselves on fire!

So in that regard, a message to all of you to not light yourself on fire! Can't believe I actually had to type that out...

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