FaZe Mew Under Investigation For Sexual Assaulting Ashtronova

FaZe Mew recently published his response to the sexual assault allegations by fellow streamer Ashtronova, now some clips of his came out, pinting him in a very different picture.

FaZe Mew Ashtronova
What's up with all that sexual assault happening... | © Ashtronova & FaZe Mew via Twitter,

On November 22, streamer Ashtronova published a Twitlonger, detailing her sexual assault at the hands of FaZe Clan member Mew. Kerry 'Mew' Nguyen has since been indefinitely suspended while the accusations are being investigated.

The allegations by Ashtro regard an incident that happened a year ago. She claims that at that time she was heavily intoxicated and that Mew took advantage of that, to have sex with her.

You can read all about her side of the story in her Twitlonger, which is something you should definitely do, if you want to formulate an opinion about the matter.

After that particular night, Ashtro states, Mew started 'love bombing' her, sending her gifts and pushing her to tell him he had consent etc.

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Apparently, FaZe Mew even started threatening Ashtro with a video of their night together, he filmed without her consent, once he realized she was distancing herself, ghosting and unfollowing him on Twitter.

It seems like Ashtro won't backtrack on her allegations, though, intending to see this through.

FaZe Mew Threatens Legal Actions

Following the accusations against Mew, FaZe Clan issued a statement, indefinitely suspending the streamer, while they are investigating the situation.

This way of handling the situation is similar to how OTK acted after the Mizkif sexual cover-up situation. So far we haven't seen any results from that, so it might just be a way of silencing the debate, because you are "investigating" it until it all dies down.

FaZe Mew released a statement of his own, saying he will take matters into his own hands, threatening legal action against the allegations.

FaZe Mew Releases Statement Regarding The Allegations

Two days after Ashtronova published her Twitlonger, FaZe Mew released his own statement, addressing the allegations.

In his lengthy response, Mew addressed Ashtro's accusations one by one, providing screenshots of text messages, Tweets and YouTube videos.

You can find his full response here, and I recommend you read both sides of the story before formulating an opinion on the matter.

Mew explicitly addressed the topic of consent in his response, stating:

She states, “I’m pretty sure I consented.” Context here is important: this was verbal consent. I literally asked her if it was ok if I touched her, and she said yes. She also asked if I was ok with it, and I also said yes. [...] She seemed happy to go into my room. She was actively engaged during the event. She never indicated that she didn’t want that to happen or otherwise seemed uncomfortable or intoxicated.

Ashtronova never denied giving verbal consent in that context, but emphasizes that at that time she was too intoxicated and therefore taken advantage off.

In his document, Mew denies most of the claims Ashtronova made, like him filming the two of them having sex, being in a relationship at the time, or repeatedly asking for her to confirm giving consent.

So far, the investigation is still ongoing, and we lack further information, besides the statements and evidence provided by both parties.

It seems like this won't be all the evidence, though, as Ashtronova tweeted out, that she will be posting more context regarding Mew's response.

She was also asking for copies of the VoD, Mew apparently deleted and points out, that Mew failed to respond to the multiple other sexual assault allegations she mentioned in her statement.

Clips Surface Showing FaZe Mew Threatening Female Streamer Spacebunzxo

On November 24 clips surfaced of Mew trying to reach out to fellow streamer NeonSniperPanda asking him to "look into this thing that is happening right now".

He is probably referring to sexual assault allegations, as the clip has been brought up in that context, and wants Panda to see if he can do something about a person "spreading lies".

The person he is talking about is a female streamer called spacebunzxo and apparently Panda has some kind of information to make her "back the f*ck off".

Mew then even goes so far as to wish her another depressive spiral, because she was a "pubic nuisance".

In another clip, he is threatening to sue "any of these girls who think they know anything" and will "buy a third house" in LA using their money.

All of these videos surfaced after Asthronova made her Tweet asking for any of the VODs Mew deleted previously. They are likely to be from a broadcast that took place around Halloween, as you can see the "Halloween Goal" on the bottom right of the video.

These clips show a side of Mew, that doesn't fall in line with the "Nice Guy" persona you normally see during his streams, as his comments are malicious and manipulative, especially within the context of Ashtronova's statements.