Trainwreck Calls Out Twitch For Bias Regarding Popular Streamers Hasan and Pokimane

TrainwrecksTV is calling out Twitch, for biased treatment of certain popular streamers, namely Hasan and Pokimane.

Trainwreck vs. Hasan
Trainwreck really likes calling people out | © Trainwrecks & Hasan via Twitch

Trainwreck keeps calling out streamers and criticizing Twitch. This time, the popular gambling streamer is calling out Twitch for biased treatment of popular streamers like Hasanabi and Pokimane, while others are getting left behind.

Train was the one, to bring Mizkif's cover-up of his friend's sexual assault to the public eye:

Twitch has already been accused of having double standards, when it comes to certain topics, like enforcing the Terms of Service, or how they support certain streamers, while others get ignored or even "targeted".

One example of how this can impact a creator's career are Indiefoxx and Amouranth. While Indiefoxx has been banned indefinitely for a mistake, Amouranth gets quickly unbanned most of the time.

If you're curious about some of the wildest streamers scandals, here is what happened last month:

This biased treatment made it possible for Amouranth to reach the top of Twitch, while Indiefoxx got banished to the shadow realm.

Trainwreck Claims Twitch Will Take Care of Hasan And Pokimane

On November 12, Trainwreck joined fellow streamers Adin Ross and Kai Cenat on their broadcast. In good'ol Train fashion, he quickly started ranting about the state of Twitch.

In his rant, he addresses how Twitch will only ever take care of streamers like Hasan, or Pokimane, because they represent what they want to promote on their platform.

I guess others just get banned off the platform:

He warned the other two streamers, that Twitch would "spit in [their] face" and wants creators to feel cornered, so they don't move to other platforms.

While it could be true, that Twitch wants to promote a certain image on their platform and might be biased, fellow streamer xQc claims, that Train is blowing Twitch's support, especially regarding Hasan, way out of proportion.

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But let's be real, why wouldn't Twitch punish streamers, that misbehave on their platform? Train continuously pushes boundaries and behaves in a way that everyone knows is not in line with the values of the platform.

Did he expect to still receive favorable treatment? That just seems delusional.