Mizkif Accused of Sexual Assault | Scandal Keeps Escalating

September 2022 has been crazy on Twitch. Sexual assault, scams and cheating. Now, popular streamer Mizkif has been accused of sexual assault as well.

Mizkif Sexual Assault
Hope they are gonna investigate that, too. | © Mizkif, Ayumi Nini

Popular Twitch streamer Mizkif is the talk of the town right now, and for all the wrong reasons. He's been accused of covering up sexual assault committed by a friend of his called CrazySlick. And his response to the allegations has been a masterclass in what not to do.

First, there was a leaked phone call between Mizkif and other big streamers (Asmongold, xQc, TrainqwrecksTV), in which he came off very poorly. And then, he broadcast a controversial stream in which he undermined sexual assault.

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Mizkif is currently under investigation by a third-party legal authority to determine his involvement in covering up the scandal. This will decide whether he can stay on the OTK organization (OneTrueKing). This is a streamer collective, that currently owns big names like Asmongold and Sodapoppin. But Mizkif has fallen so far from grace that we think it unlikely OTK will want him back. Especially given this new development in the case...

Mizkif Gets Accused Of Sexual Assault

Now fellow streamer Ayumi_Nini has opened up about another sexual assault case, this time concerning Mizkif himself. Ayumi made a post on Twitter, where she describes in detail, what happened:

Sexual Assault Accusations
A harrowing read. | © Twitter/Ayumi Nini

The situation happened in 2019, when Mizkif visited PaxEast and stayed at her apartment. In this Tweet, she describes Mizkif repeatedly pushing her boundaries and trying to initiate sex.

If what she says here is true, then this would put Mizkif in an even worse situation, where he will definitely get kicked from OTK. So far, not much is known, as Mizkif has not responded yet and Ayumi Nini hasn't posted since.

This was posted on October 15, but as of now, she has set her Twitter account to private and even seemingly deleted the tweet.

It's just wild, how many abusive and toxic stories have been leaked these last couple of weeks:

We will have to wait and see how Mizkif responds to these allegations, and what this will mean for his future as a content creator.