XQc Won't Backtrack on Gambling Streams

XQc is one of the biggest content creators on Twitch and has been known to do quite a lot of gambling streams while they were still allowed on the platform. In a recent rant he said he knew they were wrong but won't backtrack.

XQc gambling streams
XQc admits his gambling streams were bad. | © XQc

XQc is one of the many streamers on Twitch who are known for their gambling streams. It had even gotten to a point where he himself had admitted that he was addicted to gambling. With casino streams now getting banned off Twitch, he's speaking out about his own gambling streams.

Gambling streams have become something of a taboo and are seen as very problematic on the platform, hence the attention they've garnered, especially after the whole ItsSliker drama which has taken the world of Twitch by storm. So, what does XQc have to say about all of this?

XQc Knew Gambling Streams Were Wrong

XQc is a very well-known streamer on Twitch and he's also one of the most controversial content creators, beefing with Hasan, calling out Pokimane, and much more. He's also known for his gambling streams. Seriously, he's wagered over millions on stream. He even said in August 2022 that he didn't think Twitch would ban gambling.

Alas, fast-forward a few months and they sure did. XQc, amongst the fallout, did admit that he knew his gambling streams "wrong" but he wouldn't be someone to backtrack on his opinion like other streamers. What does he mean by this?

He basically called out other creators who had no problem with gambling streams before the whole Twitch drama, but now feel that gambling should have been deplatformed a long time ago. Basically he is calling out those content creators who are now backtracking their opinions, scared of getting called out for doing something wrong on the internet.

For example, XQc recently called out Pokimane who spoke out against gambling streams. XQc basically said that a lot of content creators won't really have an opinion on the matter until it has become part of public opinion, which is how he felt a lot of content creators reacted to the whole gambling on Twitch ordeal.

So, what do you guys think? Are content creators jumping on the bandwagon or just backtracking their opinions? Let us know in the comments below!