The World is Ending: Logan Paul Keeps Making Sense

Noah, get the boat! Some apocalypse level sh*t is going on, because Logan Paul, of all people, has started to make a lot of sense recently. What am I talking about this time? His comments on the Andrew Tate problem.

Logan Paul Truth Thumb
I know the picture is dramatic, but that's kinda the point

So we all know that Andrew Tate has been one of, if not the most controversial Person in the last year. He got infamous for his misogynistic takes on women and toxic alpha male bullsh*t.

It's no secret, that he is pretty much an Incel superhero and spokesperson, that spreads his toxic and hateful messages wherever he can. This is the first point Logan makes, that I have to agree with, whether I like him or not.

The shit that Andrew Tate is saying will have a ripple effect, much more dangerous than you can imagine, because his narrative is truly hateful. His rhetoric has extreme negative energy in it, and it will affect impressionable young people in a way, that will not show until years from now. And it is dangerous.

This take is just universally true. Andrew Tate is spreading hateful behavior against women, and we will see the consequences of this in the future, when his listeners are grown ass men, that live their lives according to this message. If this way of thinking, spread, it would throw us back to 1920s type living conditions, where women have to be subservient housewives. Who would want that? Oh wait, people like the Proud Boys do...

Here some of the best moments of an actually cool dude that doesn't have to put others down to feel good and instead lifts them up:

I remember I first saw him on Adin Ross's stream, when he debated xQc. Since then, he has blown up, because everyone wanted to get in on the action, spreading their takes on Andrew Tate's messages, calling him out etc.

The problem here is, that this kind of behavior promotes Andrew Tate even more, giving him more attention. Even more so now, that pretty much all his social media accounts have been banned. Logan seems to get it, if you look at his statement on whether he would fight Andrew Tate in episode 342 of his podcast.

I don't feel like platforming this guy. I don't feel like giving him the blessing of being my dance partner in the ring. Especially after the social media platforms have made it very clear, how they feel about this guy.

This is frightening! Logan Paul actually makes sense. I mean, even we here at EarlyGame were debating whether to feature Andrew Tate in articles was ethically okay. I mean, if nobody talked about him, he would just fade into irrelevancy again, now that all his social media have been banned and/or blocked.

I bet Andrew Tate secretly has an OF subscription to Amouranth:

But wait, didn't Logan talk about fighting Andrew Tate, just 4 episode before? He was all heroic like, "Jake, let me fight Andrew Tate for you!" in episode 338 of impaulsive, because Tate was talking sh*t about his brother. Guess he must have changed his mind.

So let's just have YouTubers fight YouTubers again, okay?

Anyway, what are your opinions on the whole Andrew Tate situation? Do you agree with Logan Paul? I for once in my life do.