Andrew Tate Just Keeps Taking L's

Andrew Tate went viral due to his misogynistic remarks on social media, now he is losing one platform after another. Let's just hope this trend continues!

Tate Thanos 1 1
Andrew Tate, collecting the Infinity Bans | © EarlyGame

Good news, everyone! It looks like soon we won't have to deal with any more of Andrew Tate's bullsh*t. The former kickboxer is collecting bans, like Thanos did Infinity Stones! The guy, every Incel wants to be, just keeps taking common Tate L's.

Just recently, Tate lost his Instagram account with 4.6 million followers, where he liked to portray himself as a rich "alphamale" and ladykiller. He also lost his Facebook and Twitter accounts, and even had to shut down his Hustler's University, an affiliate program, that just screamed Pyramid scheme.

He got famous for making sexist remarks about women, and that is where a lot of his recent success came from, but now it seems his misogynistic attitude came back to bite him.

Andrew Tate Gets Banned On TikTok

After getting banned on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, Tate now completed his Infinity Gauntlet of Bans, after getting permanently banned on TikTok. Let's just hope now we won't have to see him on other platforms, like Twitch or YouTube.

Here's someone that certainly didn't deserve their ban:

The reason for the ban, his content was deemed to be not in line with TikTok's community guidelines, no sh*t. I guess it's not hard not to see how Tate violated the rules of conduct.

His statements easily fall under hateful behavior as TikTok defines it as:

content that attacks, threatens, incites violence against, or otherwise dehumanizes an individual or a group.

Tate would probably disagree, and so would his followers, but I think the majority of people are wondering why it didn't happen sooner, not why it happened at all.