Is Ubisoft Working On A Triple-A Blade Game?

Ubisoft is rumored to be developing a new Blade game, and they're working alongside MCU's Blade director, Bassam Tariq. But is that true?

Blade game
What a badass. | © New Line Cinema

Some of our younger readers might be less familiar with Blade. He was the protagonist in one of the best Superhero films of the 90s, Blade, and was portrayed by none other than Wesley Snipes. The film had a couple of sequels in the early 2000s, but since then we haven't heard much from Blade. And that's a travesty, because the world needs more badass vampire hunters.

Luckily, Blade will return in 2023 as part of MCU Phase Five, but sadly he will no longer be played by Wesley Snipes. However, in this article we're talking about an all together different medium for Blade: video games. Yep, this guy is apparently getting his very own Triple-A, and Ubisoft have reportedly already begun development!

Is Ubisoft Working On A Triple-A Blade Game?

As first claimed on the resetera forums, Ubisoft have been apparently spotted doing motion capture work for an upcoming Blade game, and Bassam Tariq is supposedly directing, which would confirm MCU's involvement. Blade's a pretty perfect candidate for a video game, because unlike certain other superheroes, Blade isn't limited to a set location or plot as strictly; they could take the character anywhere (provided he's still fighting vampires). But's not true.

Ubisoft took to Twitter hours after this was first being reported on and denied the rumors:

How devastating? No Blade game from Ubisoft we're afraid. But hey, at least we've still got the EA superhero games coming soon.

A great film being a great game? Sounds exciting, but what about the other way around...