Time to Freak Out: Blade Will Appear in Moon Knight

Blade has forever been Marvel's baddest hero... until Moon Knight. Now, he seems to be gearing up for an appearance in the new series.
Moon knight blade
Now, if only The Punisher would join in too. | © Marvel

Blade was the first real superhero movie that was legit. Quote me on that. I know some peope are into the old Superman movies, but... go back and watch the first Blade movie. That thing is... just on point. Yes, nostalgia is a factor, but there's a reason Blade was a trilogy before comic book movies were a thing. There's also a reason that so many people know Blade but don't even realize it's a Marvel movie, and there's a reason that Wesley Snipes is mostly remembered for being Blade. That reason being: Blade rocks. And now he's back.

Blade to Appear in Moon Knight

Of course, Moon Knight rocks too - at least over the two episodes we know so far, and Oscar Isaac really wasn't kidding when he said that this series is a character study. What you might not be aware of: Moon Knight has easter eggs scattered throughout. Some of these are QR codes, which, when scanned, lead you to free comics. One of these comics is Tomb of Dracula - a Blade comic. Now, since all other easter eggs are directly related to the show, this is a strong indication for Blade to appear. Also, it would make sense, since the Blade reboot is coming soon, and this would be the perfect show to introduce the new Blade.

Of course, this is all speculation, but what better series to introduce Blade, than a fellow dark Marvel offering like Moon Knight? In any case, we'll find out soon in one of the upcoming Moon Knight episodes, and by the way: Watch it. It's amazing.