Fortnite x Moon Knight Crossover & Release Date Leaked

The rumored Moon Knight skin for Fortnite may be receiving a release date very soon, according to recent leaks.
Fortnite moon knight
The new Moon Knight skin for Fortnite looks pretty slick. | © Marvel Studios

After ongoing rumors circled regarding a potential Moon Knight x Fortnite crossover event, the new skin has now been leaked. It seems that multiple Fortnite content creators have been invited to the Moon Knight premiere. With creators like this being invited, it seems only a matter of time before a Moon Knight skin gets revealed.

Moon Knight is set to be the most violent MCU addition yet, and we may even be getting a Moon Knight game somewhere down the line. It's a pretty fantastic addition, with Moon Knight almost being the MCU's version of Batman (though one of our writers sorely disagrees with that assessment) and, with its iconic design and look, could make a fantastic Fortnite skin.

Epic Games' decision to partner with Marvel has a long-standing tradition. A while ago, they did a superheroes-themed season, and the developers have regularly introduced Marvel characters into Fortnite's vast arsenal of skins and cosmetics. It ain't surprising that Moon Knight is coming to Fortnite then.

[UPDATE: 21.04.2022]

And we were right! Moon Knight is now in Fortnite! You can buy him in the item shop for 1,500 V-Bucks. His harvesting tool, the Crescent, is also available for 500 V-Bucks. And, as Moon Knight is rarely without his cloak, his outfit also includes the Moon Knight's Cloak back bling.

Here are all the cosmetics at a glance:

  • Skin: Moon Knight: 1,500 V Bucks
  • Back Bling: Moon Knights Cloak (Included with skin)
  • Crescent Harvesting Tool: 500 V-Bucks

Moon Knight x Fortnite Crossover is Happening

The leak, originally brought to our attention by @NotPaloleaks on Twitter, has been reiterated by other popular Fortnite leakers like @ShiinaBR (see below) and @iFireMonkey. With several Fortnite content creators invited to the Moon Knight premiere last week, and the miniseries being in the spotlight at the moment, we expect that these leaks are legit and true.

The thing is, though, that we do need to make one quick reiteration: these are leaks, not facts, and they must be taken with a pinch of salt. These blokes are trusted in the Fortnite community, though, and have often been correct. The crossover also just, well, makes sense, so we think that this is one of the more likely leaks of late.

When Is The Moon Knight Fortnite Skin Release Date?

We expect that the Moon Knight skin will likely come to Fortnite in the following days or weeks, possibly on March 30. Now, there has been no announcement and this purely speculation, but when Dune released last year, several Fortnite creators were invited to the premiere, and some Dune skins then launched when the film officially released.

Fortnite already have several Marvel crossovers going on, and with the new Moon Knight show officially dropping March 30, we are expecting this to end up being the release date. This isn't set, of course, it could potentially all be a load of BS, but we think it is certainly more likely than unlikely. Fingers crossed, guys, this could be pretty sweet!