We're Getting a Moon Knight Game. (Or an Austin Powers Game)

A spy game is coming. Now... is it James Bond, or is it the spy we've all been waiting for? My money is on Austin Powers.

Moon knight game
One spy is super, the other.... groovy. | © Marvel, Austin Powers

So... source? It's a little bit of a 'trust me, bro' affair, but it's also VGC's Andy Robinson, who's at the top of the S-Tier list when it comes to leaking accurately. Now, here's what Andy had to say:

New Super Spy Game Is Coming

A super spy, you say? Austin Powers, I think. Seriously, isn't it long overdue that we get an Austin Powers game? The movies are iconic, and remain on everybody's mind. The soundtrack is even more iconic, and you know that if a soundtrack is a tune that literally everybody can hum along to, the movie and the franchise is special. So how come we never got a quality Austin Powers game? Is it because it's hard to translate comedy into gaming? Probably, but it's about time someone tried.

In case this is not about Austin Powers, though, which super spy could Andy Robinson be referring to? James Bond? Solid Snake? Are they really super, though? The word super makes me think of superpowers, so considering that, superheroes come to mind: How about a Moon Knight Game? Or a Mystique game? That'd be something. Like, seriously, as I'm writing this, I'm getting hyped. I didn't know where this article was headed beyond Austin Powers, but... Moon Knight? Damn, I gotta change the headline of this article (Note: It was 'We're Either Getting a James Bond or an Austin Powers Game). F*** James Bond, I want a Moon Knight game, and I want it now. Also, Moon Knight is making his big screen debut, so the timing couldn't be better. It's now or never. Make it happen, Andy Robinson. Make it happen.