New James Bond Game Could be 3rd Person like Hitman!

Project 007 hitman 3rd person
Project 007 will be 3rd person! | © IO Interactive

IO Interactive is working on a new James Bond game, and it could be a lot like Hitman! A 3rd person shooter and a stealth game are a perfect fit for Bond, James Bond. The project is simply called 007, and it should be a brand new story for the James Bond IP.

Not a whole lot is actually known about IO Interactive's Project 007 game, but the studio has made previous games like, umm, I don't know, Hitman! So this alone is a pretty good indication of what IO Interactive might have planned with this upcoming Bond game. If project 007 is not a 3rd person and stealth game, I guess I'll eat my shirt and upload it to TikTok or whatever else the zoomers do these days.

What is Project 007's Story?

The Danish studio based in Copenhagen is working on a new unnamed Bond title, and we can say with pretty high confidence, it will be a new story unrelated to the current cinematic universe where Bond is played by Daniel Craig. The story is said to be a prequel of sorts, where we learn how Bond gained his 00 status.

What is Project 007's Gameplay like?

While nothing can be said officially, it will be really shocking if it is not a 3rd person shooter with stealth elements. Another interesting fact comes from IO Interactive's job listing that said they are hiring a dev experienced with 3rd person action games. We take this as a pretty strong indication that the new project 007 game will be in 3rd person, and then it is no small leap to assume stealth gameplay will also be in it as well.

If Project 007 is anything like the studio's previous Hitman games, then there should be a nice combination of stealth, shooting, and spying while you drive around in a fast Aston Martin. In fact, isn't Agent 47 just a balder, less charming version of Bond?

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