Ryan Reynolds As The Next James Bond?

The topic of who the next Bond will be, has got people going crazy. Who will take over Daniel Craig’s legacy? Ryan Reynolds, perhaps?
Ryan reynolds james bond
Don't you dare flame my Photoshop skills. | © Eon Productions/Ryan Reynolds Instagram

If you’re only here because you’re a little gay for Ryan Reynolds (we understand) or because you would dump your partner if Ryan Reynolds as much as winked at you (again, we understand), and know absolutely nothing about what’s going on: Daniel Craig has been playing James Bond for years, but the time for him to step down has finally come and now everyone only has one question: who will be the next James Bond? The Rock? Idris Elba? A woman, perhaps?

Ryan Reynolds has recently done an interview with The Times and the topic of him possibly becoming the next James Bond came up.

Some parts of the internet – the dark parts of people with absolutely no social lives and nothing better to do than bash fictional characters and universes – were outraged by this. How could plain, white, whole-wheat bread Ryan Reynolds (no offense, I love you Ryan), play the next James Bond? Fairly easily. He’s attractive, he can get the ladies, he’s talented, and he’s been part of multiple big franchises.

All things that scare a thirty five-year-old man with no self-esteem (which I assume is the target audience for people who are angry) would say.

Reynolds quickly took to Twitter again to defend himself and say that he really did not mean anything by it, though the rumor was out already and people started to picture it: Ryan Reynolds as the next James Bond.

We know this probably will not become reality, but I'm just saying that Ryan Reynolds as James Bond could work really well. James Bond doesn't always have to be what Daniel Craig made him to be, or any other Bond actor for that matter. Reynolds could make the role his own and who knows... it might work out perfectly.