Ryan Reynolds Appears as Deadpool in Gamer Movie Promo

Deadpool Free Guy
Ryan Reynolds lets no one play Deadpool, except him. | © 20th Century Studios

Ryan Reynolds is always ready to put the Deadpool suit on, even when it's for projects that have nothing to do with Deadpool! Reynolds appeared as the Marvel character during a promotional video for another movie he's starring in - Free Guy.

Ryan Reynolds is a dude's dude, always ready to crack a joke. That's basically his portrayal of Deadpool, which turned the character into an instant fan favorite since the eponymous 2016 film. Reynolds is not bound to using the suit in Deadpool movies and media only, though, and he's making the most out of it.

Ryan Reynolds Shoots Free Guy Promo in Deadpool Suit

Over the weekend, as part of a promo campaign for Free Guy, a video of Deadpool "reacting" to Free Guy's official trailer was released. The catch is, of course, that the hero in both movies is played by the same actor - Ryan Reynolds. Makes sense since Free Guy is very similar in character and tone: a dude wreaking havoc in a fantasy world, only this time, it isn't Marvel's Universe, but a video game.

Because Deadpool never removes his mask and costume during the video, we would be forgiven for assuming Reynolds wouldn't bother with filming the video. Turns out that, being the jokester that he is, the Canadian actor did not let a double do his superhero job.

Shortly after the video was released, Reynolds went to Instagram to post pictures of himself in the Deadpool costume, confirming that he was indeed the one to shoot the promo.

Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool costume
Disney might have something to say on that plan, Ryan. | © Ryan Reynolds via Instagram
Ryan Reynolds Deadpool
Yep, he did that. | © Ryan Reynolds Instagram

We don't see Disney reacting too well if Ryan goes on with his elaborate plan to steal the suit. Jokes aside, it's always nice to see someone enjoying their job. It would have been much easier to skip the shooting and do some voiceover instead.

Ryan Reynolds proves that being a jokester doesn't mean you're a joke and keeps the professionalism going.

The "reaction" video is so hilarious that we can't leave you hanging without a link to it. Deadpool is not alone in it, as another Free Guy star - Taika Waititi, joins him on the React couch. He reprises his Thor character Korg, but unlike Reynolds, is only there in voice.

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