Daniel Craig Doesn't Want a Female James Bond

Daniel craig female black james bond
No, neither of them will be the next James Bond. | © GQ, Atomic Blonde

Daniel Craig weighed in on the whole discussion surrounding a female James Bond and a colored James Bond. What does the $100m star of No Time to Die have to say?

Daniel Craig was presented with a loaded question by RadioTimes: What's his take on there being a female or a colored James Bond? Yup. They flat-out asked the white, male superstar that question. A question that basically only has one correct answer, unless you feel like getting canceled: "Oh, my, there should absolutely be a female James Bond. And a black James Bond. And an Asian James Bond. And a queer James Bond. And a James Bond who doesn't identify with any gender."

Well... Daniel Craig didn't say either of that.

Daniel Craig: "Why Should a Woman Play James Bond?"

Here's Daniel Craig's glorious answer to the aforementioned question:

The answer to that is very simple. There should simply be better parts for women and actors of colour. Why should a woman play James Bond when there should be a part just as good as James Bond, but for a woman?

Well played, sir. Well played. This is how you stay true to yourself, tell the people what they need to hear, but also avoid ruining your career. If Daniel Craig was ever considering a run at politics... he certainly has the lingo to pull it off. Seriously, that answer is perfect... with one major flaw:

James Bond is not a good part.

James Bond is a dude in a suit who kills people while looking good and getting the girl in the process. That, along with fancy suits, expensive watches, ridiculous cars and a lot of Martinis.

James Bond might've been the original suit-agent, but in this day and age, the character has become the template he once provided: A generic, secret-agency agent. Thus, I repeat: James Bond is not a good part.

So, to get back to his original point: If women (and people of color) need to get offered better parts, then, maybe, James Bond isn't even the part they should be getting offered.

Now if by 'good part' Daniel Craig meant 'mainstream', 'money roles', 'career-making roles'... well, then I'm not going to argue with you, Mr. One-Hundred-Million-I-have-No-Idea-What-Movies-You-Did-Outside-Of-James-Bond.

(truth be told, Daniel Craig was in Layer Cake and that film is fantastic)

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