Will Tom Holland Be The Next James Bond?

Daniel Craig's days as James Bond are over, and Tom Holland is emerging as a popular candidate for his successor.

Tom Holland James Bond New
Will Spider-Man be the next James Bond? | © Movieplayer/ Irish Times

When I think of James Bond these days, many things come to mind. For example, that the title “No Time To Die” didn't fit the last film at all. James Bond had way too much time to die. The movie was a complete waste of time. It was clear that it would end up like this … But Daniel Craig could have had a better film to end on.

But since it was the last appearance of Craig as 007, there is of course a lot of discussion about his successor. Daniel Craig has set the bar high in recent years, and James Bond is likely a daunting role for actors. Allegedly, Tom Holland is at the forefront of the race now, though.

Tom Holland as the new James Bond

Jacob Batalon, a fellow actor with Tom Holland, told GQ that the 25-year-old would like to see himself in the role of the British secret agent. “He talks a lot about how he would like to be the new James Bond,” says Batalon. We already know that Holland is suitable for big roles. He won the hearts of Marvel fans as Spider-Man, and next year he will appear as Nathan Drake in the film adaptation of Uncharted. But is that enough for James Bond?

One thing is clear: Tom Holland is currently one of the most popular actors out and about in Hollywood. Whether it's his funny spoilers for the Marvel films or his love story with Zendaya - you can't dislike him. But to keep the spirit of the James Bond films alive, it takes more than being loved by the fans. You need a certain charisma and - no offense, Tom Holland - also a certain maturity. A 25-year-old James Bond would be very young and doesn't necessarily go well with shaken martinis and expensive Aston Martin's.

In addition to Tom Holland, there are many other names in the running. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has publicly applied for the role of James Bond. His grandfather Peter Maivia played the villain in You Only Live Twice (1967). Now, The Rock wants to get into the James Bond franchise, but he's more likely to be cast as a secondary character; he's just too well known as The Rock to be taken seriosuly as Bond.

Tom Hardy, Tom Hiddleston, Richard Madden and Idris Elba have the best chances. So there are three Toms together with Tom Holland. An accident? I do not think so.