Sony Is Working on a Marvel MMO

Sony is expanding their list of Marvel games, and seem to be working on a Marvel-themed MMO. Here's what we know.

Marvel mmo sony playstation
This is what I want from my Marvel MMO. This exactly. | © Ryan Lang

Does anybody remember DC Universe Online? The only good thing the game really had going for it was that we could finally take our favorite superheroes online, and create our own to stand alongside them. The problem: Everybody's favorite superheroes are Marvel heroes. DC Universe Online released in 2011, and Marvel was just starting to really take over the world. Yup, Sony had backed the wrong horse and has been riding it ever since... until now.

Sony Is Working on a Marvel MMO

This leak comes our way via Nick Baker and the Xbox Era Podcast (at 70-minute mark), and is based on his inside sources, as well as a job-posting from Insomniac from about half a year ago:

Yes, Insomniac. They have literally become the go-to Marvel developer at this point: Spiderman, Miles Morales, Spiderman 2, Wolverine... every significant Marvel game released in the last couple of years, or on the horizon (except Midnight Suns) is their doing. Sadly, since Insomniac is owned by Sony, that means that all these Marvel-ous (sorry) games are on the PlayStation only. This upcoming Marvel MMO will definitely not be an exception, but it might be a while until we hear more about it.