Why Moon Knight Is Completely Different from Batman

Moon Knight is sometimes called Marvel's Batman, and a lot of people think the upcoming Disney+ show is just a Batman knock-off, but that's far from the truth.

Moon knight batman difference
One is wearing white, the other black. There. That's the difference. | © Marvel, DC

Moon Knight is badass. So is Batman. That's not where the similarities end. Moon Knight is actually a wealthy playboy. So is Batman. Moon Knight is caped. So is Batman. Moon Knight is dark edgy. Batman? Ditto. Moon Knight takes after an owl. Batman? Bat.

The Difference Between Moon Knight & Batman

It's easy to see why people call Moon Knight a Batman rip-off, and the difference that Moon Knight kills is not enough for some people to make a difference, but in truth... comic book Moon Knight is kind of a Batman clone. Disney+ Moon Knight, though, will be different. Here's what head writer Jeremy Slater had to say about the comparisons, when talking to Empire Magazine.

It was never a comparison I was interested in making. Batman has an 80-year head start on us: you're not going to beat Batman at his own game. We've seen that side of Moon Knight [in some comics] as a playboy philanthropist, throwing moon-shaped boomerangs, flying around in a moon-shaped plane, but I don't think that's the coolest possible version of the character.

Rather than focusing on his wealth, Moon Knight's alter-ego's key characteristic is his mental health: The character struggles with trauma and flashbacks, while the super-persona is heavily draped in Egyptian mythology. That, coupled with the fact that Moon Knight operates in a much more violent manner than Batman, should be enough to set the two apart.

Still, both The Batman and Moon Knight are releasing in March, so it will be easy enough for everybody to compare the two.