Oscar Isaac: Moon Knight Is "First Legitimate Marvel Character Since Iron Man"

Oscar Isaac is convinced that his upcoming Disney+ show Moon Knight will be the best thing Marvel has done since the first Iron Man.

Moon Knight News
Moon Knight is one of Marvel's deeper characters. | © Marvel, Disney

That's some big shoes to fill there, Oscar Isaac. In an interview with Empire, the actor said that Moon Knight will take the MCU back to its roots, by delivering the "first legitimate Marvel character study since Iron Man". Damn. Ok. I remember first watching Iron Man, over 10 years ago, and thinking 'damn, they really went ahead and created a real, human superhero', and the rest is obviously history. Now, the MCU is in desperate need for someone to fill the hole that Robert Downey Jr left behind, and it seems Oscar Isaac wants to step up.

Moon Knight Will Feel "Handmade"

Often on these big movies it can feel like you're building the plane on the runway. The idea of getting back to handmade films, character studies... I was desperate for that feeling. [Moon Knight] felt handmade. And it's the first legitimate Marvel character study since Iron Man. Plus, I thought maybe this is the chance to do something really f**king nutty on a major stage. How can we make this an experiential thing, so we're inside the eyes of the character, living in his state of fear and the unknown?

Passionate words from an actor who knows a thing or two about big movies, since he was one of the leading roles in last year's Dune. This, to me, sounds like more than just press work. It feels like Oscar Isaac genuinely believes in this series, and, as a fan of the actor, I know how serious he gets about his roles. Oscar Isaac is an actor's actor – he knows what a character study is.

I guess we'll find out if he's full of sh*t or not on March 20, when Moon Knight releases on Disney+. A word of warning: Moon Knight is said to be the most violent product that Marvel has ever released... can't wait.