Moon Knight Has The Coolest Easter Egg Ever

Last week, Moon Knight launched as a new Marvel series on Disney+, and when it comes to Marvel content, it can be worth it if you look very closely and search for Easter Eggs. And it's especially worth it with Moon Knight.
Moon knight
Early easter eggs from Marvel. | © Marvel, Disney

Two episodes of the new Disney+ series Moon Knight have already been released. The story is about a museum employee who develops superpowers at night and saves people from evil in the name of an Egyptian god.

In the episodes, you can see QR codes that are not really conspicuous. Fans of the series have scanned QR codes in the background, and noticed something interesting. It leads to a page from Marvel, where there are free comics with Moon Knight – currently two comics (since two episodes) are online. On the site, they advertise that new comics will be released weekly, so I assume that each episode will include a QR code.

The Moon Knight QR Code Gives You Free Comics

Behind both codes was a link to the website of the comic publisher Marvel. There, visitors to the website can currently browse through two issues of the comic series "Werewolf by Night" for free. These are issues 32 and 33, which appeared back in the 1970s. In both issues, the figure of the "Fist of Konshu" - today's Moon Knight - appeared for the very first time.

On its website, Marvel holds out the possibility of releasing more issues of the comic series every week. Disney's "Moon Knight" contains a total of six episodes, so you can expect at least four more issues. Disney is also using this opportunity to directly promote another service: Marvel Unlimited. This is a subscription for the USA that includes almost 30,000 comics. However, you don't necessarily have to scan the QR codes from the series to watch them you can also access the Marvel website this way. Have fun browsing and searching the QR Codes in the upcoming episodes!