Ubisoft's New 3rd Person Battle Royale: Pathfinder

Ubisoft are working on a new Battle Royale game called Pathfinder, after their first BR game failed. Here's what we know so far.
The game pictured above is Hyper Scape, the failed prototype for Pathfinder. | © Ubisoft

Ubisoft recently tried to make a hero shooter called Hyper Scape. It wasn't popular, and now they're shutting the project down. But what should they do with all those assets? All that hard work that went into the world-building and game design? They can't just throw it all away. Instead, they're planning to take another run at the hero-shooter BR market with a new IP called: Pathfinder. Here's everything we know so far.

Ubisoft's New Hero-Shooter BR: Pathfinder

According to everyone's favorite leaker, Tom Henderson, Ubisoft are working a new Battle Royale that will be as much about PVE as it is PVP, like Escape from Tarkov. In teams of 4, you're going to work to reach a designated location and will battle against NPCs along the way. Here's exactly how Henderson described what he knew about the game so far:

Pathfinder appears to be a slightly different take on a Battle Royale, where a team of four players will drop into the map and find their path towards the center to fight the main AI boss. Players need to navigate their way through two walls (an outer wall and an inner wall) that have a series of gates around them that can be breachable. The catch? Different gates are breachable or locked every single game, making each game different in terms of the path you need to navigate.

In order to get to the middle of the map, players will need to fight AI enemies to level up and get stronger, with AI getting noticeably more difficult the further toward the middle of the map you get. Presumably, the game will be PvPvE, as you’ll be dropping into the map with other players, so the AI will not be your only threat.

It seems like XDefiant's strange BR twin. And so obviously we're concerned. Ubisoft have been slow to the BR party, and they're going to need something fresher, and more exciting than this. But we'll update you as soon as we have in-depth specifics.