Starfield Who? Ubisoft Hiring for Star Wars Game

Ubisoft is officially working on a new IP, and rumor has it that the game will be Sci-Fi... and more specifically: Star Wars

Star wars ubisoft
May you climb that watchtower. | © Ubisoft

So this one comes to us courtesy of a job posting. Of course it's a job posting. It's always a goddamn job posting. You'd think that developers would maximize the reveal of their new games, rather than just letting it drip ever so unexcitingly by looking for devs, but yet these job posting reveals are our reality. We'll take it though, because a new Ubisoft IP is a reason for joy, worry, and for expecting the expected: Open-world, towers to climb, checklist mission design, and a lot of looting and side missions.

New Ubisoft IP: Star Wars?

You know, in gaming, when a big game introduces a fresh setting, other companies follow suit immediately to cash in on the trend. It's happened with poor Wild West games, after Red Dead Redemption was the bee's knees, and now Ubisoft seems to be getting ready for bewildered parents wanting to buy Starfield, and confusing it with Star Wars, because, yes, rumor has it that this is Ubisoft's Star Wars IP. But before I start my assumptions, here's what we actually know Ubisoft is cooking up for sure:

  • It's a new IP that is procedural and has heavy physical interactions
  • It's in collaboration with other Ubisoft International studios
  • It is mainly handled by Ubisoft Sweden

Why do I think it's Star Wars? Well because we already know that something to do with Star Wars is in the works at the Assassin's Creed dev, and, also... because everyone on Reddit seems to think so, and I'm jumping on board.

Here's another interesting theory though: From the description, this could also be Beyond Good & Evil 2, which we know for a fact is still in development, and also kind of fits the Sci-Fi bill that the rumor mill seems to be convinced of.