Star Wars Eclipse Release Date Leaked & It's Bad News For Fans

A lot of people are excited for Star Wars Eclipse, but according to a new leak by Tom Henderson, we might have to wait a long time for the game to come out.

Star wars eclipse release date
Did Star Wars Eclipse's release date just get leaked? | © Quantic Dreams

When Star Wars Eclipse was first announced, we were super excited about it. Yes, Star Wars is generally in a weird place right now (one, that I'm not a super big fan off). That goes for video games as well as films & shows. And yes, Quantic Dream are a weird developer for a Star Wars game. But man, that first teaser trailer was goddamn sexy. An amazing CGI short film actually. After that we can't wait to see, what the game has in store for us. Actually, we can wait… because we will have to hold out for the release of Star Wars Eclipse for a long, long time, according to a new leak by Tom Henderson.

Star Wars Eclipse Release Date Leaked & It Won't Come Out For A While

Tom Henderson took to Twitter to break everyone's hearts again, revealing that the Star Wars Eclipse Release Date shouldn't be expected before 2027/2028. Ouch. You know what that means? Do you know, that in this very moment, we are in the year 2022? I know maths sucks, so I'll do it for you: that's 5 to 6 years from now. Goddamn, better start saving for a PS6 to eventually play this bad boy!

As you can see in the tweet, Henderson claims that Quantic Dream have issues with hiring enough staff. And if you know what went on in that company, you wouldn't be surprised... I'll let you google that one. Still, as far, far away as it might be (yes, I did that joke, sue me), we're still looking forward to Star Wars Eclipse and will keep you updated on everything about the game.