EA Is Working on 3 New Star Wars Games

Out of the blue, EA announced that we will be getting three new Star Wars games, which are currently in development at Respawn. More details below.

New Star Wars Game EA Respawn
Still the most iconic Star Wars character to me. | © Angel Axiotis, ArtStation, EA

Three new Star Wars games are headed our way, courtesy of EA, and I don't wanna beat around the bush. Lemme give you what you came for right away. The games in question are:

  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
  • Star Wars First-Person-Shooter
  • Star Wars Strategy Game

3 New Star Wars Games In Development at Respawn

Now, we already knew about Jedi Fallen Order, but the first-person-shooter and the strategy game are news to us, and, arguably, news to everybody. In fact, we have more details on the first-person-shooter: According to Venturebeat's Jeff Grubb, it's being made by the Medal of Honor VR team – though this shooter will not have VR. Also, Peter Hirschmann, the executive producer on the original Star Wars Battlefront games, will serve as game director. Now, I don't know if you ever played the OG Star Wars Battlefront games, but if you haven't, let me tell you: That's a good thing.

As for the strategy game, a newly founded studio called Bit Reactor, which is made up of XCOM and Civilization veterans, is said to be working on the game in collaboration with Respawn. So yeah... that one is in good hands too.

All the games are officially announced and confirmed by EA, who confirmed that Vince Zampella, the founder of Respawn, will oversee all three projects. Outside of all that, little is known, and we have no release window or even a mention of which platforms we can expect these games on – except for Jedi Fallen Order, which, if you are to believe Tom Henderson, is set to be released in Q4, 2022.