Star Wars Eclispe Will Be Similar to The Last of Us

Quantic Dream has lofty aspirations for their upcoming game Star Wars Eclipse, which they claim will feel similar to The Last of Us.

Star wars eclipse last of us
A Star Wars game that's as dark and gritty as The Last of Us? Yes, please. | © Quantic Dream

So Quantic Dream brought us good, solid games like Become Human, and Heavy Rain, but those games all followed an 'interactive movie formula'. They weren't as open as games like Uncharted or The Last of Us. Rather, they were super linear, and give replay value due to decisions made, not due to gameplay played. All of Quantic Dream's games focus on the narrative first and foremost, so it was surprising when they revealed that Star Wars Eclipse would be an action game. What's even more surprising is the top-tier comparison they picked for their game:

Quantic Dream Compares Star Wars Eclipse to The Last of Us

It's known that Star Wars Eclipse will be an open-world game with multiplayer elements. Now, a Twitter user has revealed some more interesting tidbits of info on this highly anticipated new Star Wars IP:

Star wars eclipse tweet

The tweet has since been taken offline, which only gives it even more credibility, if you ask me. Further details included the fact that development started in early 2021, and that the story is still being written as of now, and that early gameplay prototypes draw heavy inspiration from Naughty Dog's The Last of Us.

This is pretty intense news, because just to imagine a Star Wars game with the weight and grit of The Last of Us is mouth watering. Too often, Star Wars games have felt floaty, and no game has ever taken a more realistic approach to the game. Just the fact that The Last of Us is used as a reference, sets Star Wars Eclipse apart from other Star Wars projects, and with the story being set in the High Republic Era – the golden age of the Jedi – the potential for this game really does seem endless. Suddenly, the KOTOR remake is not the hottest Star Wars game on the block anymore.