Leaker Reveals Terrible Star Wars Eclipse News

Star Wars Eclipse is supposed to be the best Star Wars game since KOTOR, but now news have emerged that the game is in development hell:

Star wars eclipse delay development hell
Well... this is bad news, y'all. | © Star Wars Eclipse

Star Wars Eclipse is here, and we already wrote all about it here. Obviously, we were all giddy af, and immediately word was spreading that Star Wars Eclipse might just eclipse the upcoming KOTOR. Ok, maybe that word was spread by us only, but that eclipse word-play though...

Now the future is looking rather bleak, because a little leaker is leaking not-so-nice things.

Will Star Wars Eclipse Be Delayed?

Maybe a delay would be for the best, because leaker Tom Henderson has revealed some facts about the game that, honestly, sound like serious development hell:

If you didn't watch the video, allow me to give you the TLDW:

  • Eclipse was originally meant to be an MMORPG, but was rejected in favor of Detroit. The game was then pitched to Lucasfilm, who accepted
  • Developer Quantic Dream was trying to sell itself for more money, but the accusations of their terrible workplace had them find no buyer
  • Quantic Dream's game engine is outdated and can't handle the scope of Eclipse, as it was meant for a linear, confined game with limited NPCs
  • Quantic Dream is having serious issues with the multiplayer
  • The game's been in development for 18 months, but there is still no playable version
  • Quantic Dream is losing staff due to their workplace accusations

Yup... what fire do you want to put out first? Losing staff while working on a game? Struggling financially? Struggling to implement multiplayer, on top of an engine that's struggling to handle a game that doesn't even have a playable version yet?

This all sounds absolutely terrible, and maybe it's best we lower our expectations for Star Wars Eclipse right now, before we get burnt.