Knights Of The Old Republic Remake Confirmed

Knights of the Old Republic Remake
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Sony just hosted their September 2021 PlayStation Showcase. And one of the biggest moments of the evening was the confirmation of a Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Remake. We've got the reveal trailer and all the details on this highly-anticipated title beneath.

If you were either a Star Wars fan or a lover of great RPGs then you were playing Knights of the Old Republic in the early-2000s. It's as simple as that, these games were pheomenal. And they offered the most expansive portrayal of the Star Wars universe we had ever seen at that point.

Let's put aside the fact that these games were so fiendishly difficult - I lost many a save game to the viscious wastelands of Tatooine - and instead remember why we need a remake. What these games tried, which criminally few other titles ever have, is a Star Wars game that allows for deep exploration. And the Old Republic was a much better setting for this than the time period we see in the films - use of the force was far more normal, and no one faction was too dominant.

So if you see people lose their minds over this and you're not sure why - this game is the defintion of a cult classic.

The Reveal Trailer For Knights of the Old Republic

First things first, you need to watch the trailer:

Obviously we didn't get much - it was a first reveal trailer. But wow, if those aren't shivers of excitement I'm feeling, I need to go to a doctor.

The original KotOR games were counted among some of the very best games of the early 2000s, and showed us what a genuinely open-world Star Wars experience could look like. Lets hope they're every bit as ambitious with this project.

Still, got a few moments left to browse? Of course, you do - for your viewing pleasure:

When Is KotOR's Release Date?

So far there's no official date or even year for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, but with the franchise having such a cult following, we're quite sure that Sony will be happy to sit on this until it's perfect. That could mean 2022, but it will likely be longer, so don't hold your breath.

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