Introducing The Next Ghost Recon Game

A new Ghost Recon game is reportedly in development. Here are the details.
New Ghost Recon
Hopefully they can return the franchise to its more realistic roots. | © Ubisoft

A new leak has just revealed Ubisoft's current development plans for a new Ghost Recon game. And before you ask, no, we aren't talking about the Ghost Recon Battle Royale. This is supposedly a proper sequel. Let's cross our fingers and hope it's return to form for the franchise, and not whatever the hell Breakpoint was.

The New Ghost Recon Game

It was recently revealed by Kotaku that a new Ghost Recon game is in development and could be expected as soon as 2023. We don't yet know the setting or specific details, but the fact it could be coming soon is exciting enough in itself. As they explain, the new Ghost Recon game will likely come even sooner than the poorly-received Ghost Recon Battle Royale:

The next Ghost Recon, codenamed OVER and originally leaked by Nvidia, has been in development for over a year and could arrive as early as fiscal year 2023, sources tell Kotaku. Instead of teasing that project as part of the series’ 20th anniversary last year, however, Ubisoft revealed development of Ghost Recon Frontline, yet another free-to-play live-service shooter deeply reminiscent of Call of Duty Warzone. Fans were less than enthusiastic, and following negative feedback from an internal playtest earlier this year, Kotaku understands the project to be undergoing a reset, and is unlikely to launch anytime soon.

Exciting stuff, or is it?

Wildlands was an incredibly strong game and showed that the franchise still has life, but then Breakpoint felt like taking two steps back. So which direction should Ubisoft go in with this new Ghost Recon? The right choice is obvious: go back to mil-sim style aesthetics and send the Ghosts on classic pathfinder missions. But Ubisoft could very easily slip up and give us something nobody asked for.

Until then, maybe Modern Warfare 2 can offer some respite to the Ghost Recon fans who just want a return to the tacticool?