Andrew Tate Banned From Instagram

The world's biggest red flag got banned by Meta. Influencer Andrew Tate was first banned on Twitter, now Facebook and Instagram have removed his profile too. And it was about time.

Andrew Tate Insta
Andrew Tate got banned on Insta and Facebook. | © Andrew Tate via Instagram

He is everything you want a real man to be. If you are mentally stuck in the last millennium. Back in 2016, the former kick boxer was removed from the TV show Big Brother, when a video appeared, where he supposedly attacked a woman physically.

Private Jets, expensive cars, cigars, sunglasses, posing to the limit – just look at this guy. If you haven't heard of him, you must be living under a rock. Since July 2022, his name was googled more often than Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian. Tate is the classic misogynist, as you would imagine the worst of them all to be. He is the founder of the "Hustler's University" – where he tells men how to become a millionaire with crypto and how to behave as a real man. He had 4.6 million followers on Instagram before Meta decided to ban him.

Andrew Tate Ban And Why It Is The Right Thing To Do

Sadly, he is not just plain stupid, which is a problem with these kinds of influencers. Often enough, he encourages his followers to share his BS over various different platforms. You might have seen some TikToks of this aLpHa MaLe. Well, TikTok is cursed anyway. They ban almost nothing.

And while some of his fans and followers (or as one might say 🚩🚩🚩 red flags, red flags everywhere) are saying he is bringing back true masculinity and his extreme messages are meant as jokes – we disagree. Big time. Reproducing his thoughts and comments are simply not fun for everybody. Just ask women, or the LGBTQIA+ community. And it's not even about certain groups. #AndrewTate have been viewed more than 12.7 billion times. Now you tell me if that is not affecting especially young guys who just want to be like this coooooool rich dude, who gets (like he says) all the women he wants to have.

His behavior is toxic, his "university" is a scam, and it's simply sad that this guy built his success like he did. That's why everybody at EarlyGame likes the ban of Andrew Tate. Period.