Asmongold Got Banned By Blizzard

Asmongold just got banned in World of Warcraft by Blizzard. As to why they would do something so stupid, they surely would have a good reason, right? Well, we’ll see.

When it comes to WoW streamers, Asmongold is by far the biggest. I mean, yeah, there was Sodapopping, but he has mostly been doing variety recently and Asmon is raking in the big numbers. Soda is still an OG, though.

Even though Asmongold has been trying out different MMORPG's in the last couple of months. He was always really vocal about his love for World of Warcraft, though. He has a legit number of complaints about the recent developments and stylistic choices made by the devs, but to be fair, who hasn’t?

Still, he was the face of WoW on Twitch and kinda the king of “Just Chatting” as well. You could say he was playing World of Warcraft, but most of the time, he was just having the game run in the background, while he was talking to chat about all kinds of topics. At least for me, him talking was always better content than him playing. He kinda sucks!

But now, the WoW poster boy of Twitch has been banned by Blizzard. So, what happened?

Asmongold Banned By Blizzard

Asmongold gone from Wow? | © Twitch/Asmongold

Well, it seems kind of stupid, but looks like he got a 30-day ban for boosting. I mean, I said I preferred him talking over his gameplay and that he kinda sucks, but not that bad!

He seems pretty chill about the whole situation, making jokes and, as he always does, aiming well deserved shots at Blizzard for screwing up.

I want to say thank you Blizzard, thank you so much for this. This is gonna be great clickbait on YouTube. You obviously f*cked up and didn’t mean to suspend me, but that doesn’t mean, that my editors aren’t gonna farm this out for viewers on YouTube, just like I’m doing right now

Yeah. I like his attitude! I always appreciated Asmongold's takes. Even when I didn't agree with him, I could respect him just stating his opinion and standing by that. And now, he is pretty much telling Blizzard that he is going to farm that f up for views and money.

He then continues to read the email he received from Blizzard as to why his account got suspended:

This account has been suspended, because it was advertising, or actively participating in the purchase or sale of in-game PvE or PvP achievements progression or rewards in exchange for real money currency

Hmm. So, they are saying that he was either advertising, or participating in boosting for real-money. So, what is his take on this?

Can you f*cking believe that. All the evidence I am sure that they have um, I’m sure there’s a lot of evidence. Yeah absolutely yeah and so uh I’ve been suspended in World of Warcraft for RMT

Okay, I guess he is not all too happy about their claims. But as he says himself, there is no reason for him to RMT, which btw., means "Real Money Transaction".

He could just buy enough gold in the game with his real-life wealth, which is okay, and then pay for boosting with gold, which would be totally fine. He admits that he has been meme-ing a lot about doing RMT, but he says that he never has, or will do it. And I believe that.

Even in his raids, he showed a grindset and willingness to achieve things himself, so I think buying a boost holds little meaning to him. Where is the fun if you just buy the things you want? It is way more fun to earn them!

This situation seems a little off, but as of now, it seems his ban has already been lifted. I guess Blizzard realized they screwed up and quickly backtracked.