World of Warcraft Sequel Cancelled

We've got terrible news for WoW players: Blizzard have just cancelled the sequel / spin-off they were developing under the name Project Neptune. Here's everything we know so far.

Wow sequel cancelled
This could have made as much cash as Diablo Immortal. | © Blizzard

The "golden years" of World of Warcraft have long since past. The best thing you can still find these days in Azeroth are high-effort RP servers (which are pretty dope, to be fair). So what can Blizzard do? Well first thing's first they can change their toxic work culture, but then what can they do about WoW?

Yes, you're exactly right, they should make a sequel to World of Warcraft for mobile! What could possibly go wrong with that idea...

Project Neptune Cancelled

As Jason Schreier first reported for Bloomberg, the World of Warcraft mobile spinoff was cancelled because of a relationship breakdown between Blizzard and the Chinese development company they outsourced the project to, NetEase. This makes a lot more sense than Blizzard losing faith in the project, because as we've seen with Diablo Immortal, remaking a classic game for mobile is extraordinarily lucrative.

As Schreier writes:

NetEase has disbanded a team of more than 100 developers tasked with creating content for the title, only some of whom were offered internal transfers, people familiar with the matter said. The two companies disagreed over terms and ultimately called a halt to the project, which had been kept under wraps, a person familiar with the deal said, asking to not be identified discussing private information.

The decision casts uncertainty over Blizzard’s partnership with China’s No. 2 gaming giant, which affords the US studio a valuable window into the world’s biggest mobile market.

So there you have it, no WoW Mobile. Or, at least, it isn't coming any day soon.

Would you even want to play WoW on mobile? Personally it sounds like a nightmare.

When one open-world game gets cancelled, there's usually another amazing one just around the corner...